Photo by Rosa Latimer

Local "bandits" held up a group from the Plains Trail Region Roundup in Post during their wagon tour of Post. No one was hurt and the outlaws were invited to the Heritage House to share refreshments.

Plains Trail Gathers in Post

Published Aug. 21, 2011 @ 6:13 p.m.

Representatives from the 52-county Texas Plains Trail Region held their annual Roundup in Post Monday and Tuesday, August 15 and 16.  The event was hosted by the Caprock Cultural Association; however, several other local organizations helped make the meetings a success including Post City Celebrations, Inc.; the Post Area Chamber of Commerce; the City of Post; Garza County and the Garza Theatre.

"Oh my goodness - what a great  great evening in POST," said Paula Hatfield from Snyder in an email following the event.  "The food was excellent, the music was quite entertaining....and the fellowship, networking...was phenomenal."

Approximately 75 attended the "Trail Mix" Monday night at the Heritage House.  While enjoying refreshments, individuals and groups had photos taken in front of an old west jail or as cowgirls and cowboys.  Rides in a large wagon driven by Jim Nolan and pulled by "Roscoe" the mule took guests on a tour of Post's Main Street.  Jim Plummer acted as tour guide pointing out historical sites and other places of interest.  Passengers were surprised by good-natured bandits on horseback during the ride.  Following the mixer, Post City Celebrations, Inc. hosted a free concert at the Garza Theatre featuring New Mexico musicians Marilyn Priddy and Carl Burnstein.

Tuesday's Roundup events were at the Community Center and featured a full day of informative and educational presentations to help the communities in the Plains Trail Region better promote tourism and preserve their heritage.  After the meeting closed mid-afternoon, several attendees were seen shopping in local businesses before heading back home.