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Texas Pig Inventory Up

Quarterly Hog and Pig Report

Published Sept. 29, 2012 @ 8:40 a.m.

This report contains the results from the September 2012 Hog and Pig Survey. Completed surveys from a national sample of about 8,000 hog producers provided the foundation for these official estimates.

Results from the next quarterly survey will be made available December 28, 2012.
Texas Inventory: The September 1, 2012 Texas hog and pig inventory, at 850 thousand head, was 8 percent higher than September 2011. The number of breeding hogs totaled 90.0 thousand head, up 10 thousand head from last year. The September 1 market hog inventory was up 7 percent from a year ago at 760 thousand head, 89 percent of the total hog and pig inventory.

The June-August 2012 Texas pig crop totaled 391 thousand head, 23 percent above last year. Pigs per litter averaged 8.5, down 1 percent from the previous year. State Director, Doug Rundle, reported that 46.0 thousand sows farrowed in Texas during June 2012 through August 2012, up 24 percent from last year.

U.S. Highlights: The U.S. inventory of all hogs and pigs on September 1, 2012, is estimated at 67.5 million head, up slightly from a year ago and up 3 percent from June 1, 2012. The breeding hog inventory, at 5.79 million head, was down slightly from last year and down 1 percent from the previous quarter. Market hog inventory, at 61.7 million head, was up slightly from last year and up 3 percent from last quarter.

The U.S. pig crop for June-August 2012, at 29.3 million, was down slightly from 2011. U.S. producers intend to have 2.85 million sows farrow during the September-November 2012 period, down 3 percent from the actual farrowings during the same period in 2011. Intended farrowings for December-February 2013, at 2.82 million sows, are down 1 percent from the same quarter in 2011.

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