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Post School Cafeteria Menu - Week of Sep 24

Published Sept. 23, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

Breakfast: waffles, sausage, butter & syrup, fruit, milk
Lunch: toasted ham & cheese sandwich, broccoli bites, garden salad, orange smiles, milk

Breakfast: poptarts, sausage link, fruit, milk
Lunch: crispy tacos, garden salad, charro beans, salsa, rosy apple sauce, milk

Breakfast: cream of wheat, sausage, toast, fruit, milk
Lunch: chicken nuggets, whipped potatoes w/gravy, carrot coins, strawberries & bananas, hot roll, milk

Breakfast: cinnamon toast, sausage link, fruit, milk
Lunch: spaghetti w/meatballs, garden salad, savory green beans, sliced peaches, chocolate or vanilla pudding, milk

Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit, juice, milk
Lunch: turkey & cheese wrap, sweet potato tots, cucumber dippers, fruity gelatin, oatmeal cookie, milk

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