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Looking for God's New Creation

Published Oct. 24, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

In last week's article we began an investigation into the theme of a new creation within the Bible.  Admittedly, I probably tried to do too much in that article in the space that was provided but I was really just trying to make an introduction to the Biblical concept of a new creation.  In the scriptures I find a number of themes that recur in conjunction with God's new creation:

* God is the creator and mover.  We have a place in the new creation but the new creation is not of our making.

* The new creation is based upon the work of Jesus Christ; in His passion, in His death, and in His resurrection.

* We become part of the new creation by making an exchange of our old lives for the life that God desires to give us.  This exchange is made on three levels; spirit, soul and body.

* God has already begun the new creation.  The scriptures often speak of our perfection as an accomplished fact.  At other times the Bible speaks of our perfection as something that God is doing in us.  And sometimes the Bible speaks of the new creation as something that God will accomplish.  This is because the new creation has already been created, is being created and is yet to be created.

* We can begin to live into the new creation by accepting the identity God has for us instead of the identity that the world tells us we have.

* We are joined to the body of Christ.  This is no longer a metaphor but a reality for those who are in Christ Jesus.

* God is creating a new people; not just a set of individuals.  The New Creation is represented by the gathering of God’s people in the world.

In the coming months I will attempt to unfold more about the New Creation but most of you can find for yourselves by a careful reading of scripture.  But in order to see the New Creation we have to begin with looking for something different when we read God's Word.  Most of us are searching for what we need to do to please God.  On the surface this is an admirable endeavor.  The problem is that the very search is ego-centric instead of God-centric, it is based in our own power to affect God, and it hides from us the work that God is doing.

When you read the scriptures to see if what God is doing through Jesus Christ really is a new creation and, if so, what that new creation might look like then you must read scripture with a different idea in mind.  Instead of looking for what you should be doing read the scriptures to see what God is doing.  When you begin to read the scriptures looking for God instead of for your own duties and behavior, God’s Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the movement of God not only in scripture but in your own life as well.

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