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Texas Crop Progress and Condition

Weekly Summary for September 24 - 30

Published Oct. 2, 2012 @ 8:43 a.m.

Most parts of the state received rainfall last week. Portions of East and West Texas recorded six inches or more for the week, while most other areas experienced scattered showers.

Small Grains
Winter wheat and oats seeding was in full swing around the state with an increase in seeding in some areas due to recent rains. Rainfall also aided recently seeded and emerged wheat.  For producers who had not yet seeded, land preparation was underway.

Row Crops
Cotton harvest continued across the eastern half of the state while in areas of West Texas and the Plains, harvest was just getting underway. Many producers were making plans to defoliate cotton in the bolls opening stage. Corn, sorghum and sunflower harvest continued in the Plains but had wrapped up in most other areas. Peanut harvest was underway in areas of Northeast Texas and the High Plains. Soybeans continued to mature in the High Plains while harvest was active in East Texas.

Fruit, Vegetable, and Specialty Crops
Harvest of summer potatoes and pumpkins was underway in parts of the High Plains. In South Texas, cabbage continued to develop and producers were able to turn off irrigation systems. In the Lower Valley, fall vegetable planting and early-season citrus harvest continued. Sugarcane producers were making plans to begin harvesting soon.

Livestock, Range, and Pasture
Range and pasture condition showed signs of improvement around the state last week. Rainfall aided grass growth and soil moisture levels. In East Texas, hay continued to be cut with some producers reporting a surplus of hay supplies. Producers continued to combat pests in pastures and hayfields and several reported problems with feral hogs. Overall, livestock were in good condition. Sheep and goat herds in the Edwards Plateau benefited from the recent greening of pastures. Fall ranch work was underway with producers weaning, culling, and vaccinating herds and shipping stockers.

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