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What are You, Politically?

Take a test and find out.

Published May 20, 2012 @ 4:54 p.m.

You may be a Democrat, a Republican, a conservative or a liberal?  How do you know?

West Texans’ political affiliation has noticeably changed over the past decade.  In Garza County in this year’s primary elections, twelve of the thirteen district, county and precinct candidates are on the Republican ballot. Four of those candidates formerly ran as Democrats. 

As recently as 2004, local Republican candidates were the exception and Democratic candidates were the norm.

Why the change?  Did those candidates discover they have changed their political views or did their former party change and not reflect their views any longer?   Have the platforms of the major parties changed? 

Some people associate with a party because “mom and dad did” or “I’ve always been one”.

Where do you stand?  A political test available on the Pew Research Center’s web site may be a way to discover what or who you are politically.    The test will take less than five minutes to complete.   Click here to find it.

Other sources are to go straight to the platforms of the major parties.  Here are the links to reach them online:  Texas Republican Party Platform, Texas Democratic Party Platform, Libertarian Party of Texas.

Note: the Libertarian Party does not hold a primary election.  It selects its candidates for the November General Election through a convention process.  Click here for details.

Click here to find out more about 2012 Elections including Garza County sample ballots for the Primary Elections.

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