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Even though the recent rains have delayed some of the work on the brick streets and medians on Main Street, Anderson Electric's crew continued to work through the downpour.

Work Continues in Downtown Post

Published May 17, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

With rain delays, the brick street project on Main Street has experienced some interruptions; however it appears that the project is back on track.

City Councilwoman Anita Morris prepared a short report on the Main Street project to present at the Small Business Seminar sponsored by the Post Area Chamber of Commerce last week.  Below is Morris' report:

Right now the downtown area doesn't have much appeal and what started out to be a great project has hit some big snags.  As we have begun to repair our brick streets several unforeseen problems have slowed the work.

First the soil under the surface didn't meet requirements; therefore the City has to spend extra money to add 4 more inches of cement to withstand the heavy traffic.  That has now been done.  A cave-in delayed the work even more.  Later the contractor and sub-contractor got "crossways," more delays.

Our City Manager and Mayor have been on the phone with the Engineer daily to get this problem solved.  Now Mother Nature has stepped in.  The rains came down, halting work again. We all have to remember that for over a year we have prayed for this rain and we must see it as a great blessing.

The City Council and Mayor have talked with the Chamber to try to come up with ways to help the merchants on Main Street during these trying times.  The City Manager is in constant contact with the Engineer to solve problems that arise.

When this project is complete we all will have a downtown area that we can take pride in.

It now appears that we're in for some warm, sunny weather and that should be good news for the Main Street brick project.



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