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Primary Election Early Voting Continues Through May 25

Voters hear candidates at Candidate Forum

Published May 16, 2012 @ 4:16 p.m.

Early voting for the Primary Election will continue through Friday, May 25.  All precincts and all parties conduct early voting at the Garza County Courthouse, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (including Noon to 1 p.m.)  Primary Election Day is Tuesday, May 29.

Voters had an opportunity to hear from most candidates at the Candidates’ Forum sponsored by the Post Area Chamber of Commerce last week.  Among the candidates who participated were the 4 men who are running for District 68 State Representative:  Paul Braswell of Forestburg; David Isbell, Southern Cooke County; Trent McKnight, Throckmorton and Drew Springer, Muenster.

James Eppler, broadcaster from FOX34 in Lubbock, served as moderator of the forum.  After introducing the State Rep candidates to the audience of approximately 60 voters, Eppler stated that the 4 candidates, in his opinion, were actually all very similar:  conservative Republicans. He asked each man to consider if he only had one issue he could fight for, what would that be? David Isbell spoke first, stating that his priority would be small business and “high moral” issues. Trent McKnight stated that his emphasis will always be rural Texas, explaining that of the 150 House districts in Texas, District 68 is one of only two districts that are truly rural.  Drew Springer told the audience that his main issue is smaller government and Paul Braswell said that he would fight for West Texas and uphold the Constitution.

Eppler then asked the state representative candidates what they would propose be done to help our schools. Isbell said that “every child should have equal education” and feels that can only be accomplished with more local control.  McKnight expressed his concern with “expense problems and revenue problems” and the need to stop unfunded mandates.  Springer wants to stop regulations and “push back to the local level.”  Braswell expressed a need for education to be efficient and to “get rid of the STARRS testing.”

The candidates were also asked to tell the audience what they felt should be done to support farmers.  Isbell and Braswell both emphasized agricultural research with Braswell wanting research facilities to be more careful about what they fund.  Springer stated that the state should “address the budget in an honest way" and he would strive to “protect honest ag business in District 68.”  McKnight expressed the importance of education through extension research centers and stated that “we should stay vigilant and protect the farmer.”

Perhaps it was during closing remarks with one last opportunity to impress the audience, that the difference in the candidates became more obvious.  Isbell stated that he was “not a politician, but a concerned citizen” who was very passionate about serving.  McKnight expressed his enthusiasm for agriculture and rural Texas, saying “rural Texas can thrive well into the future if rural values and economy are protected.”  Springer said that he believed “we have got to protect Texas and our right to choose.” Braswell explained that he had worked at the grassroots level of the Republican party and had experience on a local level.”

At the Candidates’ Forrum participating local candidates were also given the opportunity to speak and answer questions submitted by the audience.  A recap of those remarks will reported in additional coverage of the Primary election on 

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