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School Board Election Saturday, May 12

Published May 10, 2012 @ 3:50 p.m.

Voters will elect 3 Post ISD trustees Saturday, May 12.  Voting is at the Post Community Center, 113 W. Main Street (east side of the building), 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  (Click here to see a SAMPLE ballot.)

Four candidates are vying for three at-large Post school board trustee positions.  They are incumbents Mike Holly and Milton Williams along with challengers Ted Thomas and Nancy McDonald.

Each voter in the school board election gets 3 votes which can be distributed among the candidates however he chooses:  a vote each for 3 different candidates; all 3 votes for one candidate; 2 votes for one candidate and 1 for another.

Early voting was over Tuesday, May 8 with a total of 273 votes cast. 

We contacted former Post ISD school board member and president Mark Kirkpatrick to learn more regarding this manner of electing school trustees.  Kirkpatrick was a member of the board at the time a change in voting procedure was made.  “We were required to go from an ‘at large’ system to voting by place with ‘cumulative voting,’ Kirkpatrick explained.  The change was made following the assertion by Post residents Pat Walker and Lewis Earl “that minorities were not able to get a fair representation on the school board.”

“The school board chose cumulative voting over a precinct system as is used by the city & county,” Kirkpatrick said. 

By definition cumulative voting is a voting system in which each voter is given a fixed number of votes to distribute among one or more candidates. This allows voters to express their "intensities of preference" rather than simply to rank candidates.  Cumulative voting is a system of proportional representation in which minorities can ensure their approximate proportional representation by concentrating their votes on a group of candidates equal with their size in the electorate.

In the approximately 20 years since this change in voting procedures in the Post school district, 2 minorities have been elected to the Post ISD Board of Trustees.

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