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Primary Election Filing Deadline Friday

Brannon switches parties

Published March 8, 2012 @ 10:48 p.m.

With the Primary Election filing deadline drawing near, incumbent County Commissioner, Precinct 3 Ted Brannon has decided to run in the Republican Primary instead of the Democratic Party Primary.

Brannon originally filed as a Democrat and was facing John Valdez in the Commissioner Precinct 3 race in that primary.  After challenges to the redistricting map in Texas caused a delay in the Primary Election, the courts allowed a small window of time (March 5 – 9) for candidates to file or withdraw from the Primary.  Brannon took advantage of this opportunity to withdraw from the Democratic ticket and file for a place on the Republican ticket for the May 29, 2012 Primary Election.

"I had two reasons for filling as a Republican,” Brannon told the Garza Post.  “The first is because if I ran as a Democrat and if my friends and supporters voted for me on the Democratic ticket, they couldn’t vote for sheriff, constable – the other positions up for election – because those [races] are all on the Republican ticket.”

Brannon explained his other reason for changing parties:  “I think I am the most conservative of the Commissioners,” he continued.  “I should have been a Republican all along.”  His change of party leaves only one county candidate running in the Democratic Party Primary, John Valdez.

A common misunderstanding about a Primary Election is that a voter can vote for candidates regardless of their party.  The Primary Election is the opportunity for each party to nominate its candidates for the General Election in November.  In Garza County, the Democrats and Republicans hold a joint Primary Election to utilize the county’s voting machines.

The way the local election is shaping up, it may be that all but the County Commissioner, Precinct 3 race will be decided with the Primary Election.  We’ll have the final candidate line-up for both parties after the filing deadline Friday at 6 p.m.

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