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Attitude Over Aptitude

The Coach's Corner

Published March 28, 2012 @ midnight

Would you like to make more money, have more fun, enjoy life more, have more energy, reduce fatigue, increase effectiveness, reach your goals, be successful in all your endeavors, win more games, be more popular, be in better health, contribute more to your community, improve your relationships, and be a better family member? 

In America today, there are well over 30,000 schools over higher education that will teach you how to do everything from trimming hair to building bridges, from fixing small engines to flying jet aircraft, from running a business to repairing broken bones.  However, there is not a single curriculum or a single school in existence that will teach you how to be any better than average, unless you CHOOSE to have the right mental attitude.

This is a fact, that doctors, lawyers, teachers, salesmen, parents, students, Democrats, Republicans, coaches, athletes, cooks, pumpers, plumbers, electricians, policemen, or any other group of people will attest.  The dominant factor in the success of any goal or endeavor or any project you begin, is what attitude you choose to have toward its success.  In short, your ATTITUDE is more important than your APTITUDE.      

Despite the overwhelming evidence which supports the importance of the right mental attitude, our entire educational system from kindergarten through graduate school virtually ignores or is unaware of this vital factor in our life.  90% of our education is directed at acquiring facts and figures with only 10% of our education aimed at our attitudes.  Where is that 10% usually found?  It is in Band, UIL events, cheerleading, one act play, FFA, and especially in athletics.

A study by Harvard University revealed that 90% of the reasons for success, accomplishments, promotions, etc… were because of our attitudes and only 10% because of our technical expertise or knowledge of the facts.  Simply stated, this means we are spending 90% of our educational time and money developing that part of us which is responsible for 10% of our success.  We spend 10% or less of our time and budgets developing that part of us which accounts for 90% of our success.  That means students and teachers are literally starved for guidance in building the proper attitude foundation needed to be a success.

As a matter of fact, William James, the father of American psychology, stated that the most important discovery of our time is that we can alter our lives by altering our attitudes.  We are not stuck with the attitude we have.   Whether it is good, bad, or indifferent, it can be changed.  A positive attitude is all it takes to rise above mediocrity. 

In our lives and in our endeavors, the difference between success and failure is frequently measured in minute amounts.  It is literally like football in that is often a contest of mere inches.  The difference between happiness and unhappiness, making or missing a sale, being a champion or an also ran is often measure in a small amount, but the difference in the rewards for the winner is a very large if not enormous amount.

There is no commission for the sale you almost make, or fun in a trip you almost take and no security in a promotion you almost get.  There is no thrill in almost anything in real life.  The rewards come to those who accomplish things, and many times, in fact in 90% of the time the difference between winning and losing is having the right attitude.  A Bold Gold attitude if you will. 

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