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County Jail Faces Budget Challenges

Overtime costs over budget at mid-year

Published March 21, 2012 @ 2:56 p.m.

Budget amendments and line item transfers requested at the regular Garza County Commissioners’ Court meeting March 12, were glaring reminders that county budget challenges could continue throughout the fiscal year.

In routine business, County Treasurer Ruth Ann Young presented 6 line item transfers, 2 of which raised questions from the Court:   

County Sheriff Cliff Laws requested a transfer of $20,000 from the Jailer/Health Insurance line to Jailer/Overtime pointing to potential budget problems in that department midway through the 2011/2012 budget.  Laws also asked to move $6,000 from Jailer/Insurance Allowance to Prisoner Medical Expense.

Chief Adult & Juvenile Probation Officer Brandt Taylor requested $5,000 be transferred to Probation/Vehicle Maintenance line item from Probation/Building Maintenance ($1,000); Probation Building/Non-Residential ($1,000) and Probation/Residential ($3,000).  The transfers were to help cover repair to Taylor’s vehicle totaling $7,000.  

The majority of the court approved all of the line item transfers with Commissioner Brannon voting against.  Following the vote, Judge Norman commented that he wants to look closer at the expenses of the Probation and Jail offices.  Other members of the Court expressed concern with the overtime expenses at the jail with approximately half of the year remaining in the fiscal year.

In other business, the Court voted to advertise for bids to purchase a used maintainer for Precinct 4.  Commissioner Benham wants to repeat the request for bids process because Yellowhouse Machinery didn’t have time to submit a bid during the previous bidding period.

One sealed bid was submitted by Nina Ortiz in the amount of $2000 for county property:  Lots 57-60, Block 2, Hart Addition (612 May Street) in Post.  Attorney Munk reported the taxes owed are $9665.41, court costs owed $387, adjudged value is $12,290.  The Commissioners voted to accept the bid from Ortiz.

Constable Daniel Yarbro of the Justiceburg Fire Department emailed a request to the Court to advertise for bids to sell a 1971 International 2.5 ton four-wheel drive fire truck.  The Commissioners voted to advertise for two weeks for bids to purchase the used fire truck.

County Judge Lee Norman asked for the court’s permission to hire Joe F. Hays, CPA-Independent auditor if needed to audit the Garza County Public Facilities Corporation.  He added that “timing is good” for refinancing of the bonds.

It was announced to the Court that Sherry Pollard has resigned from the Garza County Public Facilities Corporation board of directors.  Curtis Hudman was suggested and approved to fill the vacancy on the board of the umbrella corporation that oversees the bonds for the Dalby Unit and Juvenile Detention Center.

The Court also voted to certify 250 miles of Garza County roads for the TxDOT County Maintained Road Mileage Certification.

Judge Norman reported that Parkhill, Smith and Cooper will soon submit a report for the Court’s consideration regarding the Heating and Cooling project.2

Minutes from the February 27 regular Commissioners’ Court meeting were approved as presented as were the following items of information:  Treasurer; Budget Usage/Analysis; Clerk; Tax Collector/Assessor; Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1; Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2; AgriLife Extension/Greg Jones; AgriLife Extension/Nancy McDonald; Garza County Certificates of Obligation Bond Fund, 2008; Garza County Public Facilities Board Bond Funds, 2005; Emergency Management Coordinator; Political Redistricting Update; Garza Appraisal District amended budget; Crime Victims Advocate grant.  Precinct and countywide accounts payable for February 28 through March 12 were approved.

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