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No City Election May 12

Incumbents sign on for 2 more years

Published March 14, 2012 @ 2:55 p.m.

In a regular meeting Post City Council voted to cancel the May 12 City general election.  Council places representing Wards 3, 4 and 5 were up for election; however, only the incumbent Council representatives filed for a place on the ballot:  Anita Morris, Mark Short and Les Looney eliminating the need to hold a City election.

The March 8 meeting began with a Public Hearing to discuss the Main Street brick paving project.  An overview of the project was presented by a representative from Parkhill, Smith & Cooper Engineering.  “The contract is underway,” City Manager Arbie Taylor explained.  “They should move in by the end of March with signage.”

As reported by following last month’s City Council meeting, the project bid was $130,240, approximately $170,000 less than the original estimate.  This is a repair project, not a complete replacement.  Work will begin on the north side of Main Street in the downtown area and once that is complete, repair work will begin on the south side.  “Every construction project carries its problems,” Taylor said.  “But with a little luck this will be complete within 90 to 120 days.”

The existing bricks on the street will be removed, cleaned and saved.  New concrete with steel reinforcement will be poured, the sand replaced and the bricks reinstalled.  The project is completely funded by the city and was included the current budget. 

Approximately a dozen interested citizens attended the Public Hearing.  When asked about access to the businesses on Main Street during the project, Taylor answered, “There will absolutly be access.  The contractor will know this is a priority and pedestrian access will be clearly marked.”

Tim Tanner, President of the Post City Merchants asked if it would possible to push the project back until after the April Trade Day event.  “That isn’t feasible,” Taylor said.  “We want them [contractor] to start when they are ready.”

Explaining the status of the Main Street medians to the group, Taylor said, “The city bit off more than it could chew on the medians.  We made an effort and failed.  Now we’re going to make it right.”  Taylor indicated that nothing would be done on the medians “for a couple of months.”  He also explained that “the last 2 years we finished with a fund balance [under budget].  I have drawn from this to do some of these projects.”

During the Trade Day event on March 3, there was a complaint about some vendors blocking the entire sidewalk.  The City Manager stressed that “we must keep the sidewalks clear during Trade Day.” 

“We will have a meeting with vendors to emphasize safety issues,” Tanner answered.  He also indicated that vendors with large items could be placed in “Garage Sale Alley” on the side streets to help prevent future problems.

Taylor reported that roof issues on the Garza Theatre building are “compelling” and he had received a cost estimate in the “$30,000 range” to install a temporary roof support structure.  The engineering firm who provided the estimate emphasized in its report that the “support system is a temporary support system” and will not make the building suitable for public occupancy.  The Council voted to move forward with the installation of the support system to secure the roof agreeing that because the city owns the building it should ensure that it is safe.

The White River Contract “saga” continues with no contract signed yet.  City Attorney Elza Slater reported that what he considered the final contract was submitted February 7 and “I haven’t heard anything yet.”  The White River Board is still reviewing the contract.  No action was taken.

Two agenda items were not addressed because the individuals who requested to appear before the council were absent:  “Discuss/consider business proposal from Michelle Craig” and “Discuss/consider allowing Randy Conner to tie into water line from Caprock Water Supply.”  If these are still viable issues to be considered by the Council, they will be on future agendas.

The April City Council meeting was moved to April 12, 5:30 p.m.  The change in the meeting date each month is necessary because the City Manager is attending a 12-week course that meets on Tuesday nights.  Once the course is complete, Council meetings will be held the second Tuesday of each month except in special circumstances.

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