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Post Elementary Releases "A" Honor Roll

Published June 4, 2012 @ 10:21 p.m.

Congratulations to the following students for their hard work, effort and dedication for making  the "A" list at Post Elementary for the 6th six week cycle of the 2011-2012 school year. 

In order to make the "A Honor Roll" a student may not have any grade lower than an "A" on their report card. 

** Denotes that the student has made the Cumulative 2011-2012 A Honor Roll list.
^^ Denotes that the student has made the Cumulative 2011-2012 A-B Honor Roll list.

1st Grade

3rd Grade
Raelea Blevins^^
M'Kenzie Eidson^^
Camryn Cowley**
Carson Holson^^
Emma Gamoneda
Jacob Isbell^^
Landon Hair^^
Krece Kirkpatrick
Kelby Short**
Brennan Riker^^
Samuel Walls^^
Chelsea Thomas^^

Kolton Wink^^
2nd Grade

Cohen Allred**
4th Grade
Meagan Blair**
Michael Dean^^
Shayla Brown^^
Chris Dihenia**
Jayden Carroll^^
Dillon McKee**
Xavier Childers^^
Ryan Rathbun^^
Daisyana Cruz**
Jordan Self^^
Maria Gonzalez-Murillo^^
Sadie Soto**
Jaclyn Loera

Damon Mauney^^
5th Grade
Drew Porter^^
Malina Gomez**
Macee Rathbun**
Landon Greer^^
Jhonathan Rodriguez
Hannah Miranda**
Leonardo Ruiz^^
Summer Murray**
Jenifer Trinidad^^
Aubrianna Perez**

Miranda Perez

Sydney Quinn**

Jadin Reece^^

Meagan Reiter^^

Kara Thomas**

Click here for the "A-B" honor roll.

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