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Letter to the Editor - Compassion Plus Dedication

Win-Win for Dogs and Those Who Love Them

Published June 25, 2012 @ midnight

Stray dogs were once a common sight in and around Post, but thanks to a compassionate group of people who had a vision and the determination to see a project through, homeless dogs now not only have a safe haven, but they also have a good chance of being adopted...which is exactly what has happened to approximately 180 of them since the birth of the Post Animal Refuge Center less than two years ago.

THANK YOU to the following visionaries:  Janice Plummer, Margie Maestas, Rick and Nancia Jones, Lynette Thuette, Rosa Latimer, Kathy Beach, Jay Young, Thressa Harp, Harry and Janice Record, and Christy Morris.  THANK YOU also to Argan Robinson Fulcher for the gift of land where the shelter now sits.

In addition, so many of you have been and are continuing to donate your valuable time by  volunteering at PARC and/or providing much needed foster homes.  You're all heroes in my book.  Those of us who love dogs consider it both a joy and privilege to feed, water, clean pens, and even pick up their poop!  Thank you all for the endless hours you've spent in all kinds of weather doing just those things!  The shelter continues to BE because you ARE!

Not everyone has the time to volunteer, but we can still help by sharing our financial resources.  Just like raindrops can fill up a bucket, our combined dollars can and do make a difference.  We all know there's always something to be done in order for a home to remain in good condition; the home for these little ones is no different.  Also, just like us, dogs need food and medical attention, and these things aren't free.  So, please, give as you can--the need is ongoing and great!  Cash, or a check made out to PARC, will be graciously and gratefully accepted by Janice, Margie, or Rick.

As a former Postite, I know what a special place Post is.  I've always been very proud to have my roots here and to watch from afar all the positive changes that have taken place in this progressive and caring community.  The addition of PARC is something we can all take pride in, especially if we believe the Ghandi quote, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

Sincerely and with gratitude,
Stanna Butler Welch

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