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In addition to the work on brick streets, new lamp posts have been placed in the medians on Main Street.

Main Street Repairs Continue

Published June 15, 2012 @ 4:28 p.m.

According to Post City Manager Arbie Taylor, the Main Street project has hit another snag; however, work is progressing again on East Main and spot repairs are being made on West Main. 

"The concrete supplier did not provide the correct type of concrete to the job when the last two blocks were being poured,"  Taylor said in an email to  "After preliminary testing, it was discovered that the strength required by the specifications was not met. That being said, the normal course of action would be to remove the affected concrete and re-pour with the correct mix design of concrete."   However, Taylor stated that "this will not happen…there will be no concrete removed."  The City Manager declared to the engineers that "over my dead body will I allow them to disrupt the downtown area any longer than absolutely necessary!"

Taylor indicated that there were "a few options at our discretion, all of which will require some negotiation and agreement."  The City Manager believes that the most likely scenario will be for the contractor to leave the concrete in place and the city will deduct from payment to account for the difference in the specified numbers for the concrete.

"I have been in the construction business long enough to be fairly certain that the thickness of the concrete will more than make up for the strength issue," Taylor continued.  "The engineers are in agreement with my thoughts on that as well. Concrete cures almost forever, getting harderand harder as the days and months go by."  Taylor gave the Hoover Dam as an example: "The concrete used to build the Hoover Dam back in the thirties is still curing to this day!"  He believes if the concrete did not have the stable ground under it that we have on Main Street, it could be a much bigger issue.  "But, being on the ground and having the amount of reinforcing steel that it does, we are going to be OK. There is no one in Post who is more anxious for this job to be done than yours truly… I am working to get this resolved quickly and correctly as fast as is humanly possible."

And, indeed, crews continue to prepare the surface and re-lay the historic bricks on Main Street with work complete in the 300 block.

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