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Letter to the Editor

Un-mowed ditches on county roads

Published June 14, 2012 @ 7:29 p.m.

To whom it may concern:

I'm writing this letter as a citizen of Garza County and as someone who lives on a busy county road in Garza County.

I live on FM 651 headed north out of Post. This is a busy road, especially during shift change at MTC. The issue that I have is why we can't get the ditches mowed. The growth gets sometimes 4 or 5 feet tall before the mowers show up. I've visited with 2 different county commissioners from my precinct, John Valdez (the former commissioner) and Ted Brennon (the current commissioner) concerning this and each time I have been told that it would get looked into. Some tell me that it is the State Hy-way Department's responsibility and when I contacted them they stated it was the County's responsibility. I guess my question is in multiple parts:

1. Who IS responsible?
2. How much property must be damaged due to wild animals and livestock not being able to be seen while driving down the road?
3. How many people must DIE before this becomes an important item for who ever is responsible?

I choose to live in the country and I understand the responsibilities of this choice, however, I get a tax bill every year that I am required to pay and it is my assumption that at least a portion of these taxes are to pay for the maintenance of the highway. I just need to know that my tax dollars are being used for the safety of the roadways and not to do some needless project.

Thank you

Les Rutherford


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