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Letter to the Editor

Response from DA Nominee

Published June 12, 2012 @ 6:21 p.m.

(Editor's Note:  This is a response to a Letter to the Editor published last week in most publications across the 106th Judicial District which includes Garza County.)

After much consideration, and after remaining silent in spite of the numerous rumors that have emerged from within the ranks of the current District Attorney’s Office, and thinking I would only have to endure it until Election Day, some of which would be expected during any election, however other rumors that were downright personal and religious insults directed towards me despite being called “clean campaigning”, I make the following comments, however only in response to Ms. Amy Cook’s letter to the editor.  Detached from emotion, I am writing not to confuse others or to insult in an act of desperation as others have clearly tried to do, but to inform those that care to understand. 

From the beginning of my campaign, I have always claimed that my observations were based on those of law enforcement officers within our district brought to my attention, and of my own two eyes.  At both candidate forums in Post and Seminole, I commended the staff and attorneys of the office for doing a fine job, but of being deprived of much needed supervision and leadership.  Those were the issues responsible for one jury trial being tried in Garza County in three years resulting in a 0-1 record.  It is the reason my own deputies in Garza County come to me for advice on felony cases.  It is also the reason why DWI offenders with seven prior DWI’s are refused felony prosecution and referred to my office with instructions to prosecute as a misdemeanor.  I currently have a felony DWI case sitting on my desk that was recently refused prosecution by the DA’s Office (despite my strong campaign against this practice), waiting for me to personally present to a Garza County Grand Jury next year.  And most importantly, lack of leadership and guidance is the reason Ms. Cook had personally requested my assistance for trial week in Garza County in the past, since she was the only one trying cases in the office up to that point.  Ms. Cook’s name had been previously excluded when using this particular fact in my campaign.

To the people of the district, I too am sorry Amy has decided to leave.  In fact, upon hearing the news last week, I placed a call to her and extended my hand just to find out that her boss never told her or Christi that I offered nothing but professional admiration and respect towards the both of them in my speeches at the Post and Seminole forums.  And after informing Ms. Cook about this during my call, since Mr. Kingston apparently had not, after offering my assistance in Garza County when needed in the past, and also after letting Ms. Cook know that there would be a place in my office for both her and Christi should they choose to work for me, I suppose this letter is her response to me.  However, why Ms. Cook already had another job lined up BEFORE Election Day, how long she had been searching for one, and why she is choosing to leave seven months before I even begin as the new District Attorney, while District Court trials are set to commence in Dawson County later this month, may only serve as a testament to her “truly caring about this district” or “being honored to work for Mr. Kingston”, as she stated.  I am sorry it has come to this, Amy, but a simple “no” would have sufficed.  I wish you well in your new job.

-Michael Munk, Garza County Attorney and Republican Nominee for the 106th Judicial District Attorney

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