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City Won't Apply for Water Grant

Stage 2 restrictions continue, for now

Published July 31, 2012 @ 8:54 p.m.

In a special called meeting on Monday, the Post City Council voted not to pursue a $350,000 grant to support White River Municipal Water District's plan to upgrade existing water wells and to look for more water sources. 

Because of the council's decision, City of Post residents will not have to enter into Stage 3 water restrictions on August 1 and will remain under the current Stage 2 plan until further notice.

After an hour and 45 minutes of discussion and clarification of the water shortage issues facing the City of Post and the other water customers of the WRMWD, Mayor Thressa Harp-Baker asked for a motion to authorize the submission of a Texas Community Development block grant application to the Texas Department of Agriculture for the disaster relief fund; and to authorize the mayor to act as the city's executive officer and authorized representative in all matters pertaining to the city's participation in the community development grant program.

The motion received a first and a second and when asked to vote, three of the five council members voted against the motion.  In favor of pursuing the grant was Anita Morris and Pixie Grisham.  Opposing the issue were Mark Short, Les Looney and Melba Cimental. 

During the discussion period the idea of being a good neighbor to the other WRMWD members was expressed by all of the Post council in one form or fashion.  The difference was in how to be supportive whether by way of obtaining a grant or just contributing to the cause.  No decision of alternative funding options were permitted because it was not an agenda item.  The Post City Council meets next on August 14.

The City of Post released the following message on Tuesday to the citizens of Post:

Recently, our water supplier, the White River Water District, voted to implement Stage 3 of their drought contingency plan beginning August 1.  Stage 3 was one of the requirements for the District and the member cities to qualify for an emergency assistance grant from the Texas Department of Agriculture.

The members of the District were asked to apply for grants in the amount of $350,000 each and donate those funds to the District to assist them in rehabilitating existing wells and drilling new wells. Stage 3 of the drought contingency plan was then set to begin on August 1 for all of the cities who wished to apply for the grant funds.

A special called meeting of the Post City Council was held Monday, July 30, and the resolution needed to apply for the funds was voted down after a lengthy discussion with members of the District and the South Plains Association of Governments.

Therefore, due to the vote of the Council, the City of Post will not be applying for the grant funds, and is therefore not obligated to enter into Stage 3 of the drought contingency plan.  As a result, Stage 2 restrictions will remain in effect until further action is taken by your City Council.

We are all painfully aware of the fact that our water supplies are in danger, and every conservation method that each of us can implement will help us all in the long term. And, if the drought continues, the Council may still act and initiate Stage 3.

We are sorry for all of the confusion and miscommunication in this matter. The City staff and Council, as well as our citizens, were caught unaware by the suddenness of the District’s action.  For this we apologize.

To repeat: Stage 2 of the drought contingency plan will remain in effect until further action by the Council. We encourage everyone to be conscience of their water usage, and to conserve water at all times. A list of the stage two requirements is available at City Hall, and if you have any questions, please feel free to call City Hall at 495-2811.

Thank you for your time and your patience.

The City of Post

During a special town hall meeting last Tuesday, July 24, the Garza County Commissioners' Court considered a similar resolution and voted for the county to support the emergency water grant opportunity.  Click here for the story.

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