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Fireworks Show Returns This Year

Could be the best in years

Published July 3, 2012 @ 7:46 a.m.

After a two year hiatus, the Post City Park fireworks display makes a return Wednesday, July 4th.

This Independence Day should be a more explosive celebration than prior shows.

In 2010, we had so much rain, the show was called off because it was too wet.  Last year the event was cancelled due to severe drought conditions.  And because of wild fires members of the fire department were too busy to cover they're regular July 4th reponsibility; igniting the big show.   

Wednesday night the firemen will return to a familiar spot on the south side of the lake to deliver a show to be remembered. 

With multiple shows worth of pyrotechnics, the duration of the show will be longer than usual.  "Displays in past years were 20-30 minutes.  This one will probably be at least 45 minutes depending how fast we can keep up," said Mark Short, Assistant Fire Chief of the Post Fire Department.  "We have lots of fireworks!"

The department's been hoarding $2500 worth of fireworks for over two years and recently "the Fire Department purchased almost double that this year (from funds) out of our Chili Supper fund raiser," said Short.  "On average, money spent was $2500 to $3000 (for the display).  This year we have close to $6000 to shoot off.  Should be fun to watch!"    

As you enjoy the show Wednesday night at the park, take into consideration the history behind us clebrating this day each year.  Click here to learn more about Independence Day (a.k.a., the Fourth of July and July 4th).

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