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Letter to the Editor - Water Conservation

Published July 28, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

Dear Editor,

After attending the town hall meeting on Tuesday the 24th, I came away with some thoughts and questions.

It would seem advantageous for a list of ideas on how to conserve water to be published in our local paper or on the Internet. A few ideas were brought up at the meeting, but I am sure there are numerous ideas that many of us have not considered.

What a wonderful project this would be for our school children to brainstorm. They are our future and this would get them involved. It would seem the shop class could help with a project to create rain barrels for the people who are unable to attempt the idea themselves. Our boy and girl scouts could probably contribute as well.

Water is such a precious thing and we need to stop wasting it at any time. We are very spoiled to just turning on the faucet and there it is. In this area we are never in an over abundant supply of water. We shall always have plenty if we just learn not to be so wasteful.

Projects of this nature can give such a spirit of pride in our community. To me it would seem the spirit of leadership and being pioneers is what our founder C.W. Post would expect of the city that he gave his name to.


Peggy Claborn, Citizen of Post, TX

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