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Stage 3 Water Restrictions Start August 1

White River water customers effected

Published July 26, 2012 @ 8:39 p.m.

The White River Municipal Water District has instigated the Stage 3 Drought Contingency Plan on it's member entities.  The restrictions begin on Wednesday, August 1 and continue through October 31, 2012 and effect all WRMWD customers in the City of Post and throughout Garza County. 

According to the City of Post code ARTICLE 13.04 WATER CONSERVATION AND DROUGHT CONTINGENCY PLANS, Sec. 13.04.069 Water restriction measures, (3) Severe water shortage conditions:

(A)     Goal: achieve a 15 percent reduction in total water use.

(B)     The city manager, or his/her designee(s), will contact large volume water customers to discuss water supply and/or demand conditions and will request that wholesale water customers initiate additional mandatory measures to reduce nonessential water use.

(C)     The use of water is prohibited for the following uses:

(i)     Water uses which are not essential for health, safety and sanitary purposes. These nonessential uses include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:

a.     Washing of windows, sidings, eves and roof, etc.

b.     Washing of vehicles.

c.     Landscape watering.

d.     Watering of parks, athletic fields, golf courses, etc.

e.     Street washing.

f.      Fire hydrant flushing.

g.     Filling swimming pools.

h.     Dust control sprinkling.

(ii)     Commercial/industrial uses will be controlled to the extent dictated by the city manager. Businesses requiring water as a basic function of the business, such as nurseries, commercial carwash, laundromats, high pressure water cleaning, well flooding, livestock watering, etc. will obtain written permission for the intended use from the city manager.

(iii)     The system priority for water service shall be based on the following priority list (listed from highest priority to lowest priority):

a.     Hospitals.

b.     Residential (family dwellings, nursing homes, assisted living centers, etc.).

c.     Schools.

d.     Industrial/commercial.

e.     Recreational.

     This system priority shall assist the city manager in determining the curtailment of water use. The city manager has the authority to restrict the water use of the lower priority users to provide available water to the higher priority users.

(D)     The city manager, or his/her designee(s), will provide a weekly report to the city council and news media with information regarding current water supply and/or demand conditions, projected water supply and demand conditions if drought conditions persist, and consumer information on water conservation measures and practices.

(4)     Emergency water shortage conditions. Whenever emergency water shortage conditions exist as defined in section 13.04.067 of the plan, the city manager shall:

(A)     Assess the severity of the problem and identify the actions needed and time required to solve the problem.

(B)     Inform the city council and news media and suggest actions, as appropriate, to alleviate problems (e.g., notification of the public to reduce water use until service is restored).

(C)     If appropriate, notify county, and/or state emergency response officials for assistance.

(D)     Undertake necessary actions, including repairs and/or cleanup as needed.

(E)     Prepare a post-event assessment report on the incident and critique of emergency response procedures and actions.

For information on Variances (Sec. 13.04.070) or Enforcement (Sec. 13.04.071) of the code, click here.

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