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God’s Will, Not God Doing Our Will

Published July 17, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

I just returned from my time as a counselor at 4-6th grade elementary One-Way church camp.  Those children always remind you how much energy you don’t have anymore.  And yet, it is always a wonderful time of spiritual growth not only for the children but for those leading the camp as well. 

This year we were studying the story of Samuel.  Many of you will remember Brian Brownlow who was a principle in the schools here some years back.  He has since gone into the ministry and is now the pastor at First United Methodist Church in Sweetwater.  He helped us with the camp by playing the role of Samuel during two of our nights of worship.  He did a wonderful job.

One of the main themes that Brian brought out is that we can here from the Lord but, the Lord is God and He will do what He will do.  That comes from the passages of 1st Samuel 3.  There the boy Samuel hears God calling in the night.  At first Samuel thinks the voice is that of his mentor and guardian Eli.  After a few times of having his sleep interrupted Eli realizes it is God calling and instructs Samuel to answer.  So the next time God calls Samuel says, “Speak, Lord, your servant listens.” 

The news God tells Samuel is not really good news for Eli.  Eli’s sons have stolen from the people and desecrated the sacrifices of God.  The Lord tells Samuel that Eli’s family will be destroyed and that Samuel will become priest in Eli’s place.  The next morning when Eli asks Samuel what God said Samuel is understandably reluctant to tell Eli what Samuel has heard.  However, Eli insists and upon hearing the Word of the Lord, instead of being angry Eli simply says, “He is the Lord, He will do what He will do.” 

Sometimes we Christians forget who is God and who the child is.  We pray hoping God will do what we want instead of being ready to do what God wants.  Our world still seems to rotate around us.  It is often a hard lesson that God teaches us that He is God and we are the ones who are to do God’s will, not God doing our will.

There is nothing wrong with praying for what you need and want.  In fact, in Philippians 4 Paul commands just such prayers.  Honest communication is an important part of any relationship including our relationship with God.  But if all our prayers rotate around us and our wants and our desires we have missed the point.  God is still God and He will do as God pleases.  Our role in life is not to make sure that we get our way but to do the best we can to do things God’s way.

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