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The Athletic-Academic District Puzzle


Published July 16, 2012 @ 12:46 p.m.

I've been covering high school sports for four years now and have been interested in and played sports since I was a young child. 

I don't want to come across as a whiner, but as a part-time writer, following the alignments of athletic/academic districts becomes difficult at best because they are not consistent from activity to activity.

Did you know that Post ISD athletics and University Interscholastic League (UIL) academics are in four different districts?  The volleyball team enters its first playoff eligible season in District 4-2A, football is in District 2-2A Division II, softball in District 3-2A and basketball and everything else including academic competitions are in District 3-2A.  Although softball is in 3-2A, the line-up of teams is different than the baseball district. 

In 2010 the UIL, the controller and organizer of Texas athletic-academic districts, made a smart move in dividing 2A teams into big and small school divisions for football, a move to achieve parity in the sport.   But, it only applied to football.  So in other activities, small schools (Division II) are pitted against bigger schools (Division I). 

Why the different districts? After discussing with others, even some coaches, it almost makes sense to have the different districts.  Other than parity in football, a reason for the other activities being in a different district is distance.  With closer opponents schools save time and gas.  Another reason is that you can't play a school in a sport where they don't have a team like in volleyball. 

From a fans standpoint it appears almost impossible to establish a rivalry or to know whether the next game is an all important district contest or not.  

So as a favor to you I listed the four districts of which PHS is a member.  To help keep things straight, you can print this story with the district listing and put it on your refrigerator for easy reference.  Please give me a break through the school year if I happen to assign one of our teams to the wrong district in a story.  

What's most important is that we support our kids in all the activities and hope that they compete in each event as though it were a district contest.  And as for me, with the list below, it shouldn't be so puzzling to keep the districts straight and I'll just enjoy every minute covering Post High School events.  Go Post!

Brownfield Abernathy
Colorado City Floydada
Denver City Lubbock-Roosevelt
Lamesa Olton
Post Post


Childress SOFTBALL (3-2A)
Floydada Idalou
Idalou Lubbock Roosevelt
Lubbock Roosevelt Post
Post Slaton
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