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Last summer, Chris Jackson and Trynity Scott took advantage and cooled off in the opened fire hydrant at 10th street and Ave. M. The City of Post flushed the water system to clear out any possible contaminates after a water main break. Postites of all ages are looking for any way to keep cool again this summer during a week of triple digit temps.

It's Not as Hot as Last Year

Heat wave good for cotton

Published July 1, 2012 @ 9:12 a.m.

Although temperatures have reached at least 100 degrees each day last week, June 25 -29, the heat wave is not as fierce as the extreme highs and severe drought conditions at this time in 2011.

According to The Garza Post's weather source, Post and other Garza County locations experienced triple digit temperatures.  On Monday it reached 102°, Tuesday 105°, Wednesday 104° , Thursday 101° and Friday again 101°.

During the same five days last year, the highs were 112°, 112°, 105°, 102° and 100°.  Accompanying last year's week-of-heat were windier days which spurred frequent brush fires throughout the county.

The recent hot days have been good for growing crops said Victor Ashley, County Executive Director, Garza-Borden FSA.  "As long as we have good underground moisture, which we currently do, the hot weather is perfect for growing cotton." 

With cooler temps predicted for the first week of July the high after Sunday should be in the low 90's.  It should be 93° for a high on Wednesday, Independence Day.  Unfortunately, there's no rain in the immediate forecast.

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