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One-Call Communication System Launched by City

Published Jan. 8, 2012 @ 8:02 p.m.

The Post City Council met December 13 for a regularly scheduled meeting.  City Manager Arbie Taylor announced that the “Blackboard Connect” communication system is in place and ready to use.  He stated the need for policy and standard operating procedure for the system.

Residents of Post received a message from Taylor using this one-call communication system right after the first of January explaining its purpose.  In the automated call to all citizens of Post, Taylor also announced the January 9 – 13 community-wide trash pickup.  The system will enhance communications between the City of Post and Post residents in the event of an emergency situation as well as make citizens aware of projects and initiatives. 

"The Council is so pleased to have this method of communication available to the citizens of Post," said Mayor Thressa Harp.  "We hope everyone will find it effective in informational announcements as well as emergency situations." 

Tom Fulton, Manager of the White River Municipal Water District, spoke to the council about this important water source for Post.  Fulton stated that we all “need to emphasize water conservation going forward” and he hopes to secure USDA funding for ground water and infrastructure projects.  City Manager Taylor stated that he felt Fulton had a “good grasp” on future water source.

The council approved the re-appointment of Director David Stelzer for the White river Municipal Water District Board.  Stelzer currently serves as Vice President of the board.

The City Council also appointed Animal Control Officer Eddie Pitts as the local Rabies Control Authority.  The city is required by state law to have this position.  Also relating to this issue, the council approved amending city ordinance 620 to set forth rules, regulations and requirements related to the regulation of rabies within the city as well as other provisions related to the subject and providing an effective date.

During the portion of the meeting set aside for citizen communication, a representative of the Caprock Cultural Association asked for clarification of portions of the bid packet for the Garza Theatre building.  City Manager Taylor stated that because the legal notice regarding bids on the building was not published the required number of times in the Post Dispatch, the bid process would be postponed.

The next Post City Council meeting is Tuesday, January 10, 5:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers of City Hall, 105 E. Main St.

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