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Little Dribblers Basketball Registration

Deadline is January 10th

Published Jan. 6, 2012 @ 7:21 a.m.
Updated Jan. 7, 2012 @ 2:46 p.m.

Post Sports Association is announcing that Post Little Dribblers will begin this month.  Registration and tryouts will be conducted and teams will draft for league play.

The newly established Post Community Youth Sports Organization is aimed at teaching kids the fundamentals of sports and sportsmanship, and providing the children of Post the opportunity to learn skills and teamwork while having fun playing sports for Post teams.

They will also provide coordination of all sports and related calendars so ALL the students of Post will have equal opportunity to play all sports, and they will provide a plan to keep from overlapping and conflicting with other sports.

Please contact Coach Steve Smith at Post ISD for more information.




(Scroll down to "Print" the form.)

Child Name Last:______________________________First:_______________________      

Boy  /  Girl                 Grade:  3rd  /  4th  /  5th  /  6th


Parents(guardian) Father:__________________Cell______________Mother____________________Cell_____________

Parent e-mails:_____________________________________________________________________

Form due January 10th                   FEE: $25.00 due January 12th                    

T-Shirt Size:     YS     YM     YL     S    M    L    XL

Turn in forms to Mrs. James and Coach Allen in PE class, by Tuesday January 10th. 

Money is due Thursday January 12th at the parent, coach, and volunteer meeting at 6:30 in the Arena. Fees will be used for team shirts, end of year awards and officials.  Players need to provide their own shoes, and black shorts.  The purpose of this league is to teach kids basketball fundamentals, learn to put the team first, and to have fun learning the game.  The goal is to help the students of Post ISD gain skills and motivation for the game so they can transition into competitive, interscholastic sports with success and represent our school and community very well when they reach junior high.

Volunteers and coaches will be needed for the good of all our kids to have an opportunity to play and benefit.  The school coaches will help direct and clinic coaches and volunteers to help with drills, and basic skills of the game.  Remember that our young students need the direction and opportunity that organized sports provide.  A good foundation and experience now will keep them involved and interested in sports and school achievement.

Money issues will never prevent a child from participating; every child in Post ISD will be able to play regardless.

January 4th Registration Begins

January 10th Forms due

January 12th Fee due @ Parent, volunteer, coaches meeting

January 12th Organizational meeting @ the Antelope Arena @ 6:30 pm

January 14th teams selected and players notified by coaches

Practice times and league schedule will be announced on or after January 14th

Little Dribblers 2012

Commissioner:  Carey Bridgeman   806-252-1848

Treasurer:  Becky Justice    

Board:  Coach Smith, Coach Holson, Coach Toney, Coach Gutierrez

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