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Carey Bridgeman (right), Commissioner of the Post Little Dribblers, addresses a crowd of parents and volunteers at an informational meeting.

Youth Round Ball Leagues Get Rolling

Post Sports Association Takes Shape

Published Jan. 22, 2012 @ midnight

Parents and young athletes gathered on Thursday, January 12 to hear what they can expect from the Post Little Dribblers basketball league. 

According to Post Sports Association (PSA) board member Coach Steve Smith, the organizational event at the Antelope Arena went well.  "The meeting was great.  We had a great response and the turnout was even bigger than expected.  I think there is a hunger and desire for the type of program we are establishing and parents and kids are eager to participate."

Girls and boys are divided into two levels for the 2012 season:  3rd and 4th graders are one and the 5th and 6th grade kids the other.

The parents received the information to get their kids involved including a handout that explained the general game rules, guidelines for drafting teams and rules for practices.

The Little Dribblers are part of the newly formed PSA and the basketball leagues are under the direction of Carey Bridgeman (Commissioner) and Becky Justice who will act as the secretary for the group.

Smith told The Garza Post that Carey and Becky "are doing a great job organizing a schedule and running the league.  (They've) worked countless hours just for their desire to make Post a first class program."

The basketball program is guided by a Board of Commissioners.  The members are Bridgeman, Justice, Smith, Coach Ron Holson and varsity basketball coaches Patricia Gutierrez and Jimmy Toney. 

The PSA is the idea of first year Post ISD coaches Smith and Holson.  Both have been associated with similar organizations in other communities.  Smith in Archer City and Holson in Wise County.   

"I have heard from a lot of people who have been involved (in youth athletics) and I saw a need for some organization, leadership and support," explained Smith. 

The organizers and coaches of the various leagues will have professional resources at their disposal.  Coach Smith stressed "we want to provide help with coaching and practice ideas and fundamental teaching for our youth through clinics, camps, and the like.  We want through our experience and expertise to help ALL students in Post to have an opportunity to play sports, learn fundamentals, have fun, and be a part of the overall pride and spirit that we are trying to develop through sports here in Post."

Another goal of the PSA is to organize schedules from the different sports so that the children of the community can participate in all the activities if they choose so that "our youth can benefit from all the different but valuable skills the different sports teach," added Smith.

The primary goals of the Post Sports Association are simple:  preparation, inclusion and Bold Gold pride according to Post ISD's Athletic Director.  Without the organization, Smith feels that "the kids will not have the fundamentals of sports, the competitive spirit and team identity they should have entering 7th grade."

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