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Top Ten Reasons for Going to Church

We do want you!

Published Feb. 28, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

My daughter is in college now and we were talking about going to church.  She told me you go to church to keep from going to hell.  I was a little taken aback by her comment.  I don’t think that God is keeping a church attendance roll to judge you on for eternity.  Salvation is through faith in Christ Jesus.  Nothing else needs to be added to that.  But then, why should anyone go to church?  In the words of a famous television show, these are the “Top Ten reasons for going to church.”

10. Church is where I learn how to live as a follower of Jesus.

9. Church is the physical gathering in which the Kingdom of God reigns and I want to be part of that.

8. Church is the gathering from which the mission of God moves out into the world and does something significant like saving lives.

7. Church is where I can form life giving relationships.  Those who stand apart from the church eventually die. (John 15)

6. Church is the place I can practice loving others with God’s love and where I can practice being loved with God’s love.

5.  Church is where the Bible is read and the Body of Christ prays.

4.  Church is where the Holy Spirit forms a team to serve God together.

3.  Church is where I experience God’s love the most often.

2.  Church is where Jesus promised to be “When two or three are gathered in My Name.”

1.  Church is where God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is worshipped as King and Lord.

Of course, some would argue the order in which I have placed these.  Others can think of more reasons to come to church than what I have listed and some of these reasons might be much better than what I have listed.  For instance, studies show that people who go to church on a regular basis actually report being happier, being more satisfied with their lives, and they tend to live longer – as much longer as a smoker who quits smoking.

No church lives up to all the ideas completely but all churches are striving for things along these lines.  Churches are messy filled with hurting people and needs and pain.  But the reason people who are hurting and have needs and are in pain go to church is because they believe in God’s healing.  If you have reached perfection you might not need to go to church.  But if the reason you stay away from church is that they are full of hypocrites we can only say there is always room for one more.  If you think no one wants you in their church I invite you to the United Methodist Church.  You might find out that we do want you.

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