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Voter Cards Still Good

Published Feb. 23, 2012 @ midnight

The Garza County Tax Collector’s office has received questions concerning the validity of current voter registration cards.

The blue colored cards which show an expiration date of December 31, 2011 are still valid until new yellow cards are issued.  Garza County Voter Registrar Judy Bush explained, “if you have a card that expired in 2011, it is still valid to vote in the May 12 school and city elections.  Whenever the state-wide redistricting issue is resolved, we will mail the new voter registration cards with the updated information as soon as possible.”

Although, the new Garza County commissioner and Justice of the Peace/Constable precinct lines have been pre-cleared by the United States Department of Justice, the voter registrar cannot issue new voter registration cards until the federal district court approves the interim redistricting maps at the state level. 

This announcement from the Texas Secretary of State’s office outlines how to handle situations regarding voter registration:

 “As a result of ongoing redistricting litigation, the mailing of new voter registration certificates is delayed.  The expiration of your old voter registration certificate on 12/31/2011 does not invalidate your voter registration. 

  • If you do not have any changes to your voter registration (i.e., you haven’t moved or changed your name), no action is needed at this time.
  • If you remain in your county of registration but have changed your residence address or name, you will need to submit your updated information to your county voter registrar and your new voter registration certificate will be mailed to you from your county voter registrar.
  •  If you have changed your residence address to a new county, you will need to submit a new voter registration application no later than the 30th day before Election Day. 

Once the court federal district court in San Antonio approves interim redistricting maps and counties have the opportunity to finalize precinct lines, the county will issue new voter registration certificates.”

For more information, contact the Garza County Voter Registrar’s office at 806-495-4448.

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