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Letter to the Editor: ArmyWife(Dude)

Published Feb. 23, 2012 @ 1:19 p.m.
Updated Feb. 24, 2012 @ midnight

My name is Michelle Crenshaw, I am the wife of one of your residents, SFC Bruce Crenshaw, who grew up there in Post, Texas and is still a Texas resident, though he's been away serving in the Army for 23 years now.  We currently reside at Fort Riley, KS.

I have had the chance to come across something I found of great importance that I want shared with as many small town communities as possible, and I hope that I can count on The Garza Post to help in this effort.

As a Military Spouse I have come in contact with many people and organizations, and I have found one lately that is close to my heart. And, I want to share it, it's a blog written by a follow military spouse, a man named Mr. Wayne Perry, whose wife serves here at Fort Riley as well. He writes a blog and is involved with an organization called Not Alone.

He is working to get the word out about this great not for profit, that helps military families with counseling, suicide prevention services and so much more. He will be running in a half marathon on 17 March 2012 in Washington DC to help raise funds to fund counseling and retreats for this group. He recently wrote a letter to the editor of his own small hometown paper and asked if they would publish an article about this important group. They refused, I have written to his papers Editor twice to ask them to reconsider, and to no avail.

I feel the information is far too important to ignore. The following is the link to Mr. Perry's blog, please take the time to read it. There are many military folks in every community across the US, including, spouses, parents, retired Veterans, and so many more, that could benefit from this program, or at least need to know it exists.  (Click here to visit the ArmyWifeDude blog.) 

The link tells all about both Not Alone and their organization as well as his efforts to have his article published.

Thank you.

Michelle Crenshaw

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