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Real Housewife of a DVM

Kristi’s Perspective

Published Feb. 22, 2012 @ 7:13 p.m.

Hello all!  In lieu of Dr. Wink being extremely busy (and just a wee bit tired from foal watch), he did not have time to write an article this week.  So once again, I am coming to the rescue!  Isn’t that what a wife does?  Never mind, don’t answer that.  We wouldn’t want to start a political debate regarding this subject.  My last ‘rescue’ article discussed the real ‘reality’ of being the wife of a veterinarian.  Real Housewives of DVM’s or Desperate Vet Wives were a few suggested titles of my proposed reality series.  Someone call Bravo or TLC. I think it would be a prime time hit. 

Keep in mind my perspective of being the wife of a veterinarian may be completely different than another Mrs. DVM.  I can only share what I’ve experienced personally, and let me tell you, after 12 years of marriage (ten of which Kerry’s been a vet) we’ve had some interesting situations arise.  I use the word situations because not all our stories are about clients and their animals.  Some of our stories revolve around how as a married couple we handle situations both positive and negative.  For example, picture being married less than a year and your husband begins a new career which he was worked so hard for.  Picture him coming thru the door at the end of the day saying “Honey, I’m home!”  Being the devoted newlywed you rush to him and give him lovable hug & kiss only to be knocked to your knees from the stench radiating from him. What would you do? I was so embarrassed to tell my new husband he stunk!  I even sat through dinner without saying anything while pushing my food around because I was too overcome by the fumes to eat. I sat there trying to come up with creative and positive ways I could suggest he take a shower, then secretly take his clothes and burn them.  What did I get myself into?  Was this going to be a regular occurrence? Hope not, because I can’t afford to burn his clothes on a daily basis.  A divorce may be cheaper in the long run.  Honestly, this was all running thru my head sitting at the table!  Well, not the divorce part, but strong smells can make you a little loco.  I’m laughing as I write this because today I have NO problem telling my husband he stinks.  And he knows I’m telling him with LOVE!

Another downfall of a veterinarian’s wife is trying to keep a schedule.  I’d love to blame our kids for making us late to functions, but they are truly innocent in most cases.  When in doubt, blame the vet.  I cannot tell you the number of times we have plans to go somewhere and are showered and ready, just to receive a call for a cow c-section or a colicky horse.  This is why we have two cars.  Today it’s normal for me to take the kids to Sunday school or church and Kerry arrive later after his emergency.  I’ll admit it used to make me mad he wasn’t with us at some events, but animals don’t plan how and when they will be sick.  It took about seven years for me to realize this.  Not about the animals, but how flying by the seat of your pants a way of life in the veterinary world.  I don’t make plans anymore.  If you were to ask me what we were doing this weekend, I couldn’t tell you.  Probably more foal watch if I had to take a guess!

Here is where my lifestyle would not qualify for a ‘Real Housewives’ series.  Have you ever watched one of those programs?  Wives who are always dressed in their finest, hair professionally done, flawless ton of make up on, and seems like some sort of drink in their hand.  Most of you know I don’t work full time at the clinic so I miss seeing many of our clients on a regular basis.  Nowadays if I see a client it is after-hours assisting Kerry with an emergency.  Most of these involve jumping out of bed, putting something other than a robe on and getting up to the clinic as fast as possible.  I am not ashamed some of you have seen me at my worse in the middle of the night.  No make-up, hair askew, and clothes which sometimes may be inside out.  The only drink I’ll have in my hand is coffee.  But hey, at least I’m there for you! 

Today as the proud wife of a veterinarian, I know there are more important things than smells, schedules, and appearances.  (Although now Kerry knows to jump straight in the shower after palpating cows!)  I like our “fly by the seat of our pants” life here in Post.  If that means no makeup or walking in late to church, I know everyone understands.  Maybe my life is too boring and doesn’t qualify for reality TV.  Sorry Bravo and TLC, but my proposed series will have to wait.  Who wants those cameras documenting everything we say and do anyways?  I have an 8 year-old and 5 year-old who do that already!

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