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Sharing with juvenile offenders

Published Feb. 21, 2012 @ midnight

It is that time again.  There are letters to write, talks to prepare, and work to be put in order.  I worry about my shortcomings and pray that God will use me despite them.  I know that many of my skills are not sufficient for the work that needs to be done.  But I know that God’s Holy Spirit will use me if I simply make myself open to God’s call. 

It is time for another Epiphany.

Twice a year a team of dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ offer themselves once again to the Holy Spirit to be used in bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to the residents of the Garza County Juvenile facility.  Many of these young men have never heard the good news.  They know the Name “Jesus Christ” but they have no idea what that is all about.  So God sends these disciples to tell these young men of the love God has for them over a three day weekend that is called an “Epiphany.”

This article is an open invitation for the community to participate.  Some of you God has begun to call to this ministry.  It is too late to be a part of the current team but there are many opportunities that are coming up.  If God begins to speak to you using Matthew 25 it would be to your own best self-interest to volunteer as soon as possible. 

But not everyone is being called to be a part of the team that will go into the facility.  However, all of you are being called to be a part of building the Kingdom of God and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  You can fulfill that calling by participating in the Epiphany even at this late date. 

We teach the residents about the Agape love of God that comes to us through Christ’s Body.  There are a number of ways that you can contribute to the Epiphany out of God’s Agape love that is active in your own life.  The first is by prayer.  We are asking for people to sign up for a thirty minute time frame of your own choosing in which you will spend time praying for the residents and staff of the facility and especially for those involved with the Epiphany.  Yes, you can pray without signing up.  However, one of the visible signs of Agape that the young men receive is a literal prayer chain made up out of the names of those who are praying for them.  You would not believe how much this chain touches their hearts!

Secondly, every Epiphany costs about $5000.00 to complete.  That breaks down to about $5.00 per meal per resident participating in the Epiphany.  Would you consider providing a few meals?  If you are willing to listen to God’s call you can contact me, Scott Richards, at the United Methodist Church or Cindy Johnson would be glad to help you as well.

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