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Published Feb. 16, 2012 @ midnight

In the old west, there was an equalizer that they called a hog-leg.  It was the pistol or six-shooter.  It enabled a man that was smaller in stature to be able to match up with a more physically dominate man.  In today’s world be it in business, athletics, school, or life in general, there is an equalizer still that every successful person has and it is called desire.

Desire is the ingredient that changes the hot water of mediocrity to the steam of success.  It is the waters of mediocrity in a river that become the waterfall of success.  It is the ingredient that enables a person with average ability to successfully complete with those who have more ability, resources, or advantage. 

Desire is the extra degree that makes all the difference between being average and being great.  It is that one degree of effort that turns 211 degrees of hot water that sits in a boiler into 212 degrees of steam that can drive a train or turn a turbine.  Just one degree of desire is all the difference it takes to separate yourself from the masses.

Look up Pete Gray, an immortal of baseball lore:  a player who belongs in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown without a doubt.  As a young man he grew up with a burning desire to play major league baseball.  He repeated to himself over and over, that he was going to make it to the pros.  His greatest ambition was to play in Yankee Stadium.  In 1945, Gray made it to the major leagues with the St. Louis.  He only played that one year and was not a regular and he never hit a home run.  Nevertheless, he was great and I say this because he made it to the majors despite the fact that he had no right arm.

Pete Gray never looked at down at what he lacked.  Instead he chose to look up and what he had.  Success is determined by taking the hand you were dealt and utilizing it to the very best of your God given ability.  Desire enables an individual to take whatever ability he has in whatever he is doing and utilize it to the maximum.  Desire forces a person to pull out all the stops and give it all he has.

On a day to day basis the winning touchdown is generally scored by the team or individual who had pulled out all the stops, who has played every play to the maximum.  We should all give it our best in all we do because our yearning power is more important than our earning power when it comes to success.

I would say that is what it means to be Bold.  Going for your goal with all you have.  Set your sights on the Gold and go for it with all your heart and then you will be Bold Gold.  No matter who the opponent or what the goal desire will equalize the differences in life and separate the winners from the average.

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