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Junior Lady Lope Haily Berry

Berry Breaks Own Triple Jump Record

Lady Lopes track-n-field roundup

Published April 4, 2012 @ 12:18 p.m.

ABERNATHY - The Post Lady Lopes had another good day of running, jumping and throwing last Friday at the A-Town Relays.  The team came in third place with 94 points.

Junior Haily Berry had a memorable day all around and especially in the triple jump.  The school record holder surpassed her own best by an inch and a quarter with a leap of 36' 8" to place second in the event.  She also finished second in the long jump, third in the 200 meter dash, was part of the 4-by-100 meter relay finishing third and helped her team come in second in the 4-by-400 meter relay.

Kimberly Rivera, a junior, earned a first place medal in the 3200 meter run to start off the running events.  Rivera also ran the 1600 meter run placing fourth and teammate Andi Soliz came in seventh.

Frosh Kelbie Oden placed fourth in both the triple and high jump competitions as well as running in a couple of relays.

Alexis Ramirez performed well from the throw circles placing first in the shot put and fourth in the discus event.

After the varsity listing, see the junior high results from the Abernathy and Acuff meets.

Varsity Girls Results:


3rd Place with 94.3 points


3200 M Run


Kimberly Rivera


4 x 100 M Relay


Anahica Duran



Kelbie Oden


Matti Smith


Haily Berry


800 M Run


Andi Soliz


4 x 200 M Relay


Anahica Duren



Cheyenne Gill


Bethany Curtis


Matti Smith


400 M Dash


Bethany Curtis




Kelbie Oden


200 M Dash


Haily Berry


1600 M Run


Kimberly Rivera




Andi Soliz


4 x 400 M Relay


Haily Berry



Bethany Curtis


Matti Smith


Kelbie Oden


Triple Jump


Haily Berry

36' 8"

Long Jump


Haily Berry

16' 6.5"



Kelbie Oden

15' 4"

High Jump


Kelbie Oden

4' 6"



Alexis Ramirez

96' 3"

Shot Put


Alexis Ramirez

35' 0"


Abernathy Junior High Relays (3/29/12)

7th Grade Girls-

Shot put- D’Kota Walls 7th

400 meter dash-Brooklyn Courtney 3rd

Discuss-Brooklyn Courtney 8th

100 Meter Hurdles- Yvette Armendariz 4th

800 Meter run- Laurn Lynch 4th


8th Grade Girls-

Sprint Relay (4X100)-6th

Ali Whitfill, Seirra Scott, Taylor Roberts, & Lauren Record

100 Meter Hurdles-Lauren Record 5th

400 Meter Dash-Taylor Roberts 8th

200 Meter Dash-Seirra Scott 6th


Acuff JH Relays (4/3/12)

7th Grade Girls-

100 M Dash-Liz Ramirez 2nd , D’Kota Walls 5th

200M Dash-Herston Alford 1st, Triana Curtis 4th

400 M Dash- Brooklyn Courtney 1st

800 M Run- Lauren Lynch 6th

2400 M Run- Darcie Fontenot 6th

4X100 Relay-3rd Sagrario Alaniz, Brooklyn Courtney, Lauren Lynch, & Liz Ramirez

4X200 Relay-2nd Sagrario Alaniz, Lexi Antillon, Yvette Armendariz, & Katie Quintanna

4X400 Relay-3rd Kally Comeaux, Brooklyn Courtney, Lauren Lynch, & Liz Ramirez

100 M Hurdles-Yvette Armendariz 4th

300 M Hurdles-Yvette Armendariz 4th, Kally Comeaux 6th

Long Jump-Yvette Armendariz 6th

Shot Put-Herston Alford 4th, Triana Curtis 5th

Discus-Brooklyn Courtney 3rd, Herston Alford 4th

Pole Vault-Lauren Lynch 1st


8th Grade Girls

100 M Dash-Ali Whitfill 2nd, Alex Perez 6th

200 M Dash-Sierra Scott 2nd

400 M Dash-Quincey Quintana 5th

800 M Run-Kaitlyn Walden 3rd

100 M Hurdles - Lauren Record, 2nd

4x100 Relay-2nd Ali Whitfill, Lauren Record, Sierra Scot, & Brogan Macy

4X200 Relay-3rd Brogan Macy, Kaitlyn Walden, M’Kenzee Pena, & Molli Burtch

4X400 Relay-3rd Sierra Scott, Ali Whitfill, Lauren Record, & Kaitlyn Walden

Long Jump-Lauren Record 5th

Shot Put-Alex Perez 2nd, Sierra Scott 3rd

Discus-Alex Perez 1st

****The girls placed 3rd overall at this meet

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