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Drew Springer

Springer Running for State Rep, House District 68

Campaign Announcement

Published April 27, 2012 @ midnight

Republican State Representative candidate Drew Springer is in full swing of his campaign to return common sense conservative values to Austin. 

Drew is a local small business owner and volunteer fire fighter in Muenster, Texas.  Drew has been married for twenty years with three children and decided to run because he believes our government just doesn't get it. 

"I believe we need more small business owners involved in the process," Springer said.  "Our representation is out of touch.  I can't believe that we give instate tuition to illegal immigrants yet charge a kid from Oklahoma who wants to attend a Texas college a higher rate.  It's this lack of basic common sense that has gotten us into the trouble we're in."

Springer said he thought not enough was being done to fix the economy.

"We need to lower the tax rate for middle class families and end the frivolous regulations and lawsuits that get in the way of good ideas," Springer said.  "What makes America, and Texas, so great is we have always allowed the best ideas to get out to the market, but now we have a President who is more worried about pandering to radical environmentalists than creating jobs in the oil field." 

Springer also said he believes a strong public education system is the foundation of society. "We have to make sure more money makes it to the classroom and stop the unfunded mandates," Springer said.  "Clearly, some districts are much more efficient than others, but we have to find ways to reward the best teachers and administrators.  We have to stop telling 50% of students they are failures for not going to college and teach them vocational life skills.  When we do this, I believe we'll see major changes in our education system and students that are ready to compete in a global market and be successful in rural Texas."

Springer understands our rural/agriculture roots.  “A large part of Texas’ success is due to agriculture and our rural work ethic and tha it must be protected and showcased.”

Springer shares Christian values and will work to protect them.  “The State promotes people living in sin by teaching and financially rewarding them to not get married, have kids out of wedlock and lie about their arraignment so the honest hard working tax payers will pay for everything.  We must end this form of financial and moral fraud and attack fraud on every front.”

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