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Priming, Pumping and Producing

The Coach's Corner

Published April 25, 2012 @ 10:16 p.m.

Several years ago, there was a father and a son walking through the dry country side on a blistering hot day.  Their car had broken down and they were lost.  They were tired and very thirsty.  They came upon an abandoned farm house with an old water pump in the yard.  The son, seeing the pump, ran over it and started pumping the handle.  After several minutes of intensive effort, and seeing no results, he slowed down his efforts and then stopped. 

After watching all this, the father pointed to an old rusty bucket sitting by  stagnant old horse trough.  He then suggested that the boy fill the bucket from the trough. The father repeated the instructions to his son with regard to the old pail and the nasty water, the son refused to even think about such a thing.  The father knew as in life, athletics, or anything worthwhile, to get anything out you put something in.  You have to prime the pump. 

Unfortunately there are many people who stand in front of the stove of life and say, “Stove, give me some heat and then I’ll put some wood in.”  or  “Teacher, you produce some Nobel prize winners and then we will provide you the resources to do better.” or “Coach, you produce a champion and then we will help upgrade old facilities.” or “Lord, if you will just give me a crop this year, I promise to work the fields hard and plant the good seed next year.”   What everyone really means is, “Reward me now and then I will produce something.”  You must first put something into life before you can expect to get anything out of it.

The son thinking that he could get the water out of the pump if he tried a little harder, started back into pumping that handle but soon realized it was futile.  It was hot and the son had built up a considerable sweat.  He then started asking himself just how much work he was willing to do for that water.  He was concerned about the amount of reward he would receive for the amount of effort expended.  After a while, the son stated , “I don’t believe there is any water in this old well.”  The father knew the area had good wells and good water and that wells in this area where deep and produced clean, sweet, pure water.  The father knows that things we are for are the things we appreciate the most, not just the work it takes to get good water, but what it takes to get good results in our lives.

The father then walked over, picked up the bucket, filled it with the water in the horse trough and then walked over and poured the water into the pump and told his son to keep pumping. Just as in life, you do not know when it will come, just as you cannot steal home standing on third. The son just about stopped, but the father explained, “Don’t stop now or you will lose all you have gained.”  If you keep pumping hard enough and enthusiastically enough, sooner or later the effort will bring forth the reward.  Whatever you are doing, work at it with the right attitude and the right habits, but above all keep at it.  Just as the flow of cool, clear, water may be one pump away, so may be the victory you seek.

If you start pumping casually or half-heartedly you will pump forever without result.  Pump hard to begin with and keep at it, and with a little priming the water will flow.  Once it starts to flow, all you have to do is just maintain a steady pressure and the reward will be great.  As with an old pump or a goal in life, you may have to give a little at first, but that little bucket of primer can lead to big results.

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