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Help Your Child Survive or Stop Bullying

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Garza County

Published April 23, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

A bully is someone who intimidates and humiliates another child to cause that child pain.  Bullying includes name calling, making threats, physical or emotional abuse and spreading rumors about another person.

You can help prevent your child from being bullied or becoming a bully by following these suggestions:

Talk with your child about his day and listen carefully if he consistently talks about one or two children who mistreat others.

Teach your child to treat others with respect.  Your child learns by watching how you treat others.

Teach your child not to hit, push, tease or say mean things to other people.  Instead, teach your child to be kind and to share with others.

Help your child's school address the issue of bullying by requesting programs that help students establish healthy social relationships. 

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