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Respond and Don't React to Life

The Coach's Corner

Published April 18, 2012 @ midnight

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us,
But by how we react to what happens,
Not by what life brings to us,
But by the attitude we bring to life.

You go to a doctor and he prescribed a medicine and then tells you to come back in a few days.  When you return, he tells you “oh, no, you are having a reaction to the medicine, we must change your prescription,” that is a bad thing.  If, however, when you return, the doc says, “ Good you are responding to the medicine,” that is good.

It is not what happens to us that causes us to succeed or fail, it is the attitude and the method we use to respond that contributes to success or failure.  If a baseball player strikes out and he throws his helmet down and mopes back to the dugout, is he reacting or responding to the situation?  A baseball player after he strikes out, hustles back to the bench, encourages a teammate, and after the game takes extra batting practice, then he is responding positively to the situation.

If you were fixing to get on a plane and an announcement came over the speaker that the flight was being delayed, most people would groan and get cranky, but if you jumped up and yelled yippee, you would probably garner some weird looks. 

You see, if a flight is being delayed, there is probably something wrong with the plane, the person flying the plane, or with the weather where the plane is going and if that is the case I would be thrilled to safely be on the ground until the problem is resolved. 

You know, there are a lot of things we can not control.  If we were born white we are going to stay white.  If we were born black, we are going to stay black.  In fact we can not change where, when, how or to whom we were born.  You can’t even change a whisper about yesterday, but when something happens in your life that is not favorable, you can choose to react – negative, or you can choose to respond – positive.  Your response will determine your attitude the rest of the day, week and year, but if you choose to react, you just put a barrier on what you are able to do.

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