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Never Shake a Baby

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month in Garza County

Published April 13, 2012 @ 6 a.m.

Most of us agree - babies are meant to be cuddled and kissed, played with and hugged.  Yet it is important to remember during the stressful times - when a baby won't stop crying or may be cranky - that babies are fragile.

Never shake a baby, either in frustration or in fun.  A baby's brain can be damaged in the process, possibly leading to severe injures, or even death.

If you are caring for an infant who won't stop crying or is in some other way causing you frustration take the following action:

Lay the baby in his crib and walk away.  It is OK to let the baby cry if no one is available to relieve you for a short period of time.

When possible, seek help from a supportive friend or relative, who can try to soothe the crying baby, or at least give you a break.

Don't hide your frustration and unintentionally take it out on your baby.  Call 800-CHILDREN (800-244-5373), a toll-free parent tip line, for support and information about ways to calm a crying baby.  This may be the help you need! 

Remember that a baby is helpless.  if she is crying and all of her needs have been met, be patient - with her and with yourself.  Contact your doctor if nothing works and your baby has been crying for several hours.



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