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PISD Athletic Director/Head Football Coach Steve Smith

Enthusiasm is an Attitude

The Coach's Corner

Published April 11, 2012 @ midnight

A positive attitude will have positive results because attitudes are contagious.  Just as negative attitude can wreck a team, a business, or a family, positive attitudes can propel you to new levels of success and happiness.  Attitudes are put on like clothes in the morning.  The truest freedom a person has, no matter what environment or situation you are in is your attitude.  Choosing to have a positive attitude therefore is the more powerful force a person can have in determining happiness and success.

Enthusiasm is an attitude.  Elbert Hubbard said, “Nothing great has ever been accomplished without enthusiasm.”  The difference between the good preacher and the great preacher, the good mother and the great mother, the good speaker and the great speaker, the good leader and the great leader is often the amount of enthusiasm a person has. 

The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek words “en theos” and simply means “God within.”  If you look at the word enthusiasm, the last four letters form an acrostic, “Iasm”, which can stand for “I am, sold, myself.”  If you are sold yourself and if you truly believe in your cause, your company and your product, then you have an enthusiasm that comes from the wellspring of all the resources within you.

Real positive attitudes and real enthusiasm is a way of life and not something you use on and off.  It is not loud and noisy and used only to impress on lookers.  It is an outward expression of the inner belief and feelings you have.  Many extremely enthusiastic people are fairly quiet, yet every fiber of their being, every word and action, attest to the fact they love life and what it means to them.  They love their job, their family and their team. 

A person who personifies enthusiasm are people who do not let conditions control their attitude, but let their attitude control the conditions.  Most people are enthusiastic when things are good and their attitude is bad when things are bad.  Truly enthusiastic people still have a good attitude when things go wrong or are going bad which means that soon “things” will be good.

Being Bold Gold is just such a way of choosing to approach life, school, jobs, and athletics here in Post.  We can all choose to be positive and approach good times and especially bad times with a Bold Gold attitude, a positive attitude, an enthusiastic attitude and when we do we will not be defeated…ever.

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