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Election Filing Dates Come Earlier This Year

Published Sept. 9, 2011 @ noon

To make it possible for the state of Texas to accommodate the new federal requirements relating to military and overseas voters, significant changes have been made to the local election calendar.  These changes primarily affect filing dates for a place on the ballot; however the primary runoff election date has also changed.  First and last day to file are now approximately two weeks earlier than in the past.

The local election calendar is:

November 12, 2011          First day to file for a place on the ballot  

December 12, 2011           Last day to file for a place on the ballot  

February 21, 2012             First day of early voting

March 2, 2012                   Last day of early voting

March 6, 2012                   Primary election date

May 12, 2012                    Limited uniform election date

May 22, 2012                    Primary runoff election date  

Nov. 6, 2012                     Uniform election date

The new Federal Military Overseas Empowerment Act (MOVE), SB 100 facilitates the voting process for military and overseas voters who often encounter problems and time delays with the standard vote-by-mail process. SB 100 requires ballots to be mailed or emailed to military and overseas voters not later than the 45th day before Election Day.

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