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Local intersection of Hwy 380 and Avenue F/Loop 46 continues to be hazardous even with additional warnings for northbound traffic to stop.

Traffic Trouble Spot Still a Problem

City of Post proactive in solving problem

Published Sept. 7, 2011 @ 11:01 p.m.

The intersection of East Hwy 380 and Loop 46 (Avenue F) just east of the railroad tracks on Main Street continues to pose a danger to motorists.  The City of Post recently added a “Stop” sign in the middle of Avenue F with several feet of highly visible traffic cones. 

Mayor Harp has had several conversations with Texas Department of Transportation personnel backed up with a letter outlining the problems with this intersection and suggesting possible solutions.  TxDOT has responded by installing a “Stop” sign with flashing LCD red lights outlining the edge of the sign.  In spite of all that has been done to raise awareness of the traffic pattern at this intersection, another accident occurred recently making it obvious that there is more work to be done. 

There are still plans to move utility poles that make it difficult to see the stop sign and additional signage that would give motorists advance warning of the upcoming intersection has also been mentioned.

As one reader commented following a previous story in the Garza Post regarding this intersection, “local” drivers must be especially careful as “out-of-town” drivers are not aware of the danger at this crossroads.

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