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County Receives Grant to Fund Victims' Advocate

Budget discussions continue in September 12 meeting.

Published Sept. 20, 2011 @ 4:57 p.m.

The Garza County Commissioners’ Court met Sept. 12 in a regularly scheduled meeting at the Garza County Courthouse.

As budget considerations continued, Judge Norman announced that the county has received the Victims of Crime Assistant grant for this year.  The amount of the grant is $39,172 with the county matching $11,723 including in-kind services.  The judge suggested that the City of Post share in the matching funds.  He also noted that the grant can be amended to allow any county employee, including a sheriff’s deputy, to serve as the victims’ assistant or the grant can be used to contract for the service.

The judge also noted that he had met with Cornerstone, the organization who operates the juvenile detention center.  He established a per diem fee with Cornerstone which will require them to pay $1/day for each juvenile housed.  The judge estimated this would produce approximately $18,000 in revenue for the upcoming budget. 

Information was presented regarding reduction of jury service fees by the state.  Reimbursement rate on the second day of service forward has dropped from $34 to $28.  Currently Garza County pays jurors $40 on the second day forward, $6 of which is the county’s obligation.  District/County Clerk Jim Plummer suggested lowering this payment to jurors to $34/day, second day forward and the commissioners voted to approve.  Payment for the first day of service remains at $6/day. 

Clerk Plummer presented a plan to use District and County Clerk’s dedicated funds (fees collected) to purchase software for the department.  Commissioners voted to approve plans as presented by Clerk Plummer for the use of County Clerk’s Records Management and Preservation Fund, the county Clerk’s Records Archive Fund, the District Court Records Archive Fund, the County and District Court Technology Fund (Criminal) and the County and District Court Technology Fund (Civil). 

The court considered authorizing a Texas Department of Agriculture Home-Delivered Meal Grant Program (Meals on Wheels) which currently operates through Trailblazers Senior Citizens organization.  The grant reimburses a small amount for each meal delivered.  The amount is determined by the number of meals delivered.  The commissioners approved the resolution accepting the grant. 

The court also considered and approved an Interlocal Agreement for the Provision of Enhanced 911 Public Safety Answering Point Services.  In addition, Judge Norman informed the court that the Boren sub-division project is progressing and he had informed the Borens of issues to be considered after an engineer reviewed the plans for the project.

Two applications for public assistance were discussed and considered by the commissioners.  One application was approved and the second was approved pending confirmation of the age of the children in the family.

During discussion about the 2011/2012 fiscal year budget, Judge Norman commented that during the two budget public hearings the court heard “pertinent information from voters and employees that should be, and was, considered.”  He then asked the commissioners if there was “anything we need to change or review?”  There were no comments from the commissioners.

Minutes from the Aug. 22 regular meeting, the Aug. 23 special meeting and the Sept. 2 special meeting were approved as presented.  The following items of information as a written report or for discussion were also approved as presented:  District and County Clerk; Tax Collector/Assessor; Treasurer; Budget Analysis and Usage; Senior Transportation; Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2; Garza Wildlife Damage Association; Garza County Certificates of Obligation Bond Fund, 2008; Garza County Public Facilities Board Bond Funds, 2005.  Precinct and countywide accounts payable for August 23 through September 12 were approved.  The court was presented and approved 19 budget line item transfers.

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