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Mia is one of several larger, black dogs currently at the Post Animal Refuge Center shelter waiting to be adopted. Statistics show that certain animals are less adoptable than others; Mia is one of those animals because she is large and black; however, if you give her a chance she will make a loving, devoted pet.
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Certain Animals Overlooked as Potential Pets

Published Oct. 5, 2011 @ 3:43 p.m.

A week in September was declared “Adopt a Less-Adoptable Pet” week by Less adoptable animals have been identified as dogs from one of the “bully” breeds (pit bulls being the most common); older animals; blind or deaf animals; large dogs and dogs or
cats with black fur.

The Post Animal Refuge Center has certainly seen proof of the large black dog stigma as we have several "less-adoptable" dogs at the shelter.  Of the 11 dogs currently being housed at the shelter, 6 of them are big and black. There are several explanations given for black dogs being overlooked in shelter situations.  Among them are:

1. They are very common.
2. They look mean to some people.
3. They are hard to photograph making their pictures less noticeable.

In an effort to try to remedy this problem, the folks at PARC want you to take a look at
the pictures of these wonderful dogs at the shelter with a kinder eye. So they’re not “pure
breed” or small lap dogs, they are each special in their own way. Some of them are a
little bashful around strangers, but they are all looking for someone to love and, given
time and attention, would be very devoted family members.

Please contact us if you are able to adopt a “less-adoptable pet." Our email is or contact us on Facebook at Post Arc.

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