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Commissioners Accept County Attorney Resignation

Published Oct. 31, 2011 @ 8:32 p.m.

Following a closed executive session of the Commissioners’ Court during the regular scheduled meeting on Oct. 24, County Attorney Mike Munk submitted a letter of resignation to the court.  The letter stated that Munk is resigning to file as a candidate for the position of District Attorney of the 106th Judicial District.  He cannot run for that office while holding another position as an elected official.  The court voted to accept the resignation.

The next agenda item was to appoint a County Attorney and the court voted to appoint Mike Munk to the position through December 2012.  This action makes Munk a county employee opening the opportunity for him to run for District Attorney. 

Assistant District Attorney Amy Cook, representing the district attorney’s office, came before the court to review the district wide forfeiture report.  She also submitted the report for record.  The court accepted the report as presented.

An interlocal agreement between Garza County and Dickens County regarding housing Dickens County inmates at the Garza County jail was discussed and approved.

The commissioners approved the 2012 Garza County Resolution for the Indigent Defense Grant Program as presented.

An application for public assistance was considered by the court.  Although County Attorney Munk informed the court that the applicant is not eligible for assistance according to the court’s guidelines, the commissioners voted to approve the request in the amount of $75.

Garza Central Tax Appraisal District board member Giles W. Dalby submitted his resignation effective June 1, 2011 precipitating the appointment of a replacement.  The court appointed Giles Dalby, Jr. to the board.

The court considered whether to extend Red Hollow Wind’s tax abatement.  Randy Sowell presented a project progress report and explained that the original agreement for tax abatement had a provision for the company to elect to extend the abatement for a year.  He presented a letter explaining the terms of the contract and the courted voted to accept the letter as presented.

The architect for the elevator project reviewed the project with Judge Norman last week.  The project is on schedule and the setting of cinder blocks for the elevator shaft will start this week.

In other business minutes from the October 12, 2011 special meeting and the October 12, 2011 regular meeting were approved as presented.  The following items of information were brought before the Court as a written report or for discussion: Treasurer; Budget Analysis and Usage and Garza Wildlife Damage Association.  Precinct and countywide accounts payable for October 13, 2011 through October 24, 2011 were approved as presented.  There were no budget amendments or line item transfers to consider.

A special meeting of the Commissioners’ Court of Garza County for a public hearing was held Oct. 24 prior to the regular scheduled meeting regarding Goods-In-Transit legislation.  This new legislative change concerning property taxes, will grant a tax exemption to “good-in-transit” unless the county adopts a resolution by December 31, 2011 to continue taxation of this property (Texas Tax Code, Sec. 11.253). The adoption of the resolution will prevent an automatic exemption and preserve the option for future consideration by the Commissioners’ Court.  Judge Norman noted that it could be an economic incentive for warehouses to locate in the county if they were granted the exemption.  The court voted to approve the resolution as presented.

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