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2011 8th Grade Football Team: Undefeated District Champions.


8th Grade Group Finishes Second Perfect Regular Season

Published Oct. 30, 2011 @ 2:52 p.m.

With a 36-12 victory over Hawley on Thursday at Redman Stadium, the 8th grade Bold Gold football team completed it's second consecutive undefeated season.  It's not that the entire team was left back a year, the first undefeated season was when they were 7th graders.  (Sorry that I had to explain the grade thing.  But the other day, someone looked at me funny and asked "how can they play two 8th grade seasons?")

Over two years, this group of antelopes have compiled a 16-0 record, scored 576 points, gave up only 36 points and shut-out 12 opponents.     

The team's head coach is Toby Allen who was also their coach in 7th grade. (You can relive last years events by clicking here.)  He knew before the 7th grade year that this group had potential from what he witnessed in the pre-athletics class.  "They had a lot of size, speed, and enough team leadership to motivate them to be very good," said Allen.

Coach Allen had a similar experience at another school before coming to Post explaining that group of boys went on to lead their varsity teams to the playoffs more than once.  "This class has just as much or more athletic ability and it would be great to see them keep working hard and enjoy the same success."  He added that "their personalities and desire to be a great football team are the characteristics that make them unique to me."

Allen gets coaching help from Kevin James and Jimmy Toney as well as the rest of the PISD football coaching staff.

(You can click here to read the 8th grade team game summaries.)

"It will be fun to see how good they can be when they get to play with the talented group of kids that are in high school right now, as well as the younger athletes behind them," said the proud Coach Allen.  "As long as they don't get complacent, can remain humble, and always strive to be better, the sky is the limit for our program in the years to come."  

Also, congratulations to the 2011 Antelope 7th grade football team.  They posted a 7-1 record.  We'll take a look at that team's first season in a separate report.

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