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After conducting business as usual in council chambers Tuesday afternoon, the Post City Council made it to the city park just before dark to try out the new playground equipment. Shown here (from left) are council members Pixie Grisham, Mark Short, Melba Cimental and Anita Morris.
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City Council Allocates HOT Funds

Published Nov. 9, 2011 @ 6:32 a.m.

In the regular city council meeting Tuesday, Nov. 8 after approving minutes from the Oct. 18 meeting and approving invoices for Nov. 2011, the council also approved Resolution 369 that elected Councilman Mark Short to the Board of Directors for the Garza Central Appraisal District.

The Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) committee presented its recommendations for approval of disbursement of hotel/motel funds.  The committee met last week to review proposals that had been presented to the city council during the Sept. and Oct. meetings.  Committee members are:  Ian Torrens, Jodie Thuett, Angeline Collier, Councilwoman Pixie Grisham and Mayor Harp.  The proposals totaled $128,000 and the projected HOT fund total for the new budget year is $64,000.  Disbursements recommended by the HOT committee and approved by the council are:  Post City Merchants - $2000; Ragtown Gospel Theater - $5000; Post Stampede Rodeo - $5000; Caprock Cultural Association - $4700; Hotel Garza - $4800; Post City Festivals - $4500; Visitors Center/Post Area Chamber of Commerce - $13,000; Community advertising - $25,000.

City Manager Taylor told the council that he had received a call from a representative of Post City Festivals rejecting the funds allocated to that organization because the amount approved was not enough to fund their event.  There was discussion about what to do with these funds and it was decided that these funds will be held in reserve until the HOT committee assigns the money. 

Taylor recommended that the HOT funds be disbursed to the organizations quarterly when the city receives the funds rather than making a payout based on projected amounts.  The council agreed to follow this procedure.

The City Manager discussed the Routine Airport Maintenance Program (RAMP) grant explaining that he had prepared a proposal for $25,000 to cover routine maintenance at the airport such as crack seal, mowing and electrical maintenance.  Once Garza County has "signed off" on the proposal and it is submitted to the state, the local airport will receive 50% reimbursement.  The council voted for Taylor to proceed with the proposal.

City Attorney Slater Elza reported that the White River Contract steering committee received the revised contract and  there are some issues that need to be addressed, specifically the issue of whether participating cities can have an alternative water source and the length of the contract.  However, Elza stated that he believed “we are on the right track.”

During the “communications from citizens” portion of the agenda, there was discussion about the efficiency and positive attitude of city employees when dealing with the public. 

Post City Council members along with Mayor Thressa Harp, City Manager Arbie Taylor and City Secretary Deana Watson then moved the meeting to the City Park for agenda item “tour city park to see the new playground equipment” and then adjourned.

The next Post City Council meeting is Dec. 13, 5:30 p.m.



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