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Remember Those Who've Passed

Giles McCrary Will be Missed

Published Nov. 5, 2011 @ midnight

This week Post mourns the loss of one of her outstanding citizens, Giles McCrary.  In some ways the timing for Mr. McCrary’s graduation for this life is quite appropriate since this is also the week in which we celebrate All Saints Day.  Though all of us in West Texas celebrate the hardy and independent spirit we also recognize that everyone of us owes a great debt to those who have gone before us.  Giles McCrary is the latest example of just how much we owe to others.

I have not been in Post long enough to have witnessed many of the great things that Mr. McCrary did.  However, I have been here long enough to see some of the results.  I have seen the fruit of Mr. McCrary’s generosity not only in physical gifts he has given to our community but in the lives that are the fruit of Mr. McCrary’s investment; the number of people whose businesses, education, and well-being were all a direct result of Mr. McCrary’s love and care for those in our community and beyond.

Post is fortunate that Giles McCrary is not alone as a citizen of Post, Texas in terms of his philanthropy and support of those in our community.  As a town and county we are blessed to have numerous people who not only support the arts and the commercial interests of our area but who take a special interest in the lives of those around them giving help where they are able and making Post a better place to live. 

Each of us in our own lives can point to those whose presence in our life made us better people and made our world a better place than when they found it.  What we may not see is the connection made through the generations, each generation building upon the foundation of the one before it, that has brought America to be one of the greatest places to live that the world has ever known. 

We live in a time when we fret over lost opportunity partly because we have been with so much to lose.  The vast majority of people living today have never had it as good as we do now and those in the past cannot imagine common people living in both the material and cultural prosperity we have come to think of as our birth right.  But almost everything we have has come through the blood, sweat, and tears of those who have gone before us, and yes, a lot of God’s blessings mixed in.

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