Sunday, Dec 2, 2012
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2011 Post Volleyball Wrap-up

2011 will be known as the year that the sport of organized volleyball got started in Post, Texas.  Coaches, players and fans witnessed the incredible improvement of many first time participants in an unfamiliar sport.  Congratulations to Coach Charlyn Hohman, her staff and players on an impressive season.

Post High School Volleyball Teams (JV and Freshmen)

Top (l-r): Chelby Morris, Kelbie Oden, Sara Greer, Taylor Osborn, Shirley Araiza, Anahica Duran.
Standing: Kayla Comeaux, Matti Smith, Tamara Moore, Kortnee McKee.
Kneeling: Head Coach Charlyn Hohman, Kelsey Griffin, Rebecca Taylor and Coach Brettnie Reed.
Sitting: Haily Berry, Callie Odom and Alexis Ramirez.  Not pictured: Kayla Hallmark.  (Courtesy Photo)


Post Middle School

Coached by Richard Soliz and Charles Whitfill

8th Grade - Black Team

Top row (l-r): Torri Collins, Brogan Macy, Lauren Record, Sierra Scott, Quincey Quintana.
Center row: Kaitlyn Walden (manager), Ali Whitfill, Ragin Kimmons, Gabby Soto and Priscilla Hernandez.
Front row:  Maddie Carr.  (Photo by Desanne Fluitt.)

8th Grade Volleyball - White Team

Top row (l-r):  Alex Perez, Jessi Isbell, Molly Burtch, Mkenzee Pena and Emse Rodriguez.
Center row: D.J. Perez, Taylor Roberts, Alondra Rosa and Maellybe Gomez
Front row: Managers Kaitlyn Walden and Zayra Pizana. (Photo by Desanne Fluitt.)

7th Grade  - Black Team

Top row (l-r): Lauren Lynch, Laurkyn Fluitt, Brooklyn Courtney, Herston Alford and Victoria Gutierrez.
Center row: Lexi Antillon, Yvette Armendariz, Tatiana Gomez,
Kally Comeaux, Elizabeth Ramirez and Janikah Collazo.
Front row: Kaitlyn Walden, Zayra Pizana and Sergario Alaniz.  (Photo by Desanne Fluitt.)

7th Grade - White Team

Top row (l-r): Triana Curtis, Haley Greathouse, D'Kota Walls, Erika Solis and Christy Arellano.
Center row: Adriana Trinidad, Darcy Fontenot, Alisha Jones, Katie Quintana and Jenae Soto.
Front row:  Kaitlyn Walden, Joelie Williams and Zayra Pizana. (Photo by Desanne Fluitt.)